Storm Damage

Weather Damage Affects  Roofs in Connecticut each Year

Storms can affect our homes in many ways, from strong winds that blow off shingles to softball sized hail that breaks through roofs. Choosing the right roofing contractor is critical, ensuring that the roof protecting your home is safe right now and for years to come.


If your roof was damaged by a storm, It will be up to the insurance company to determine the extent of the damage, what needs to be done to fix it, and how much it will cost to fix it. We generally recommend working with your insurance company to file a claim and have an adjuster inspect the damage. You will not be responsible for charges beyond your deductible; the insurance company will cover the cost.

Hail Damage Roof

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The insurance adjuster visits your home to do an evaluation and creates a report of the work to be done, which includes a detailed analysis of the costs. The insurance company sets its prices based on industry standards and pays accordingly. Your only task in this step is to locate a reputable contractor who will do quality work, whether by insurance recommendation or independent research

If you are unsure if there is damage, your insurance company may request that you have a respectable roofing company inspect the roof first. That’s great — we’re happy to help do that!

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    Storm Roof Damage
    Storm Damaged Roof
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    Damaged Roof

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