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Ridge Vents

Why is Roof Ventilation Important?

Adequate roof ventilation is crucial importance to the overall maintenance and protection of your home.

Air flow

Ridge vents have an air space beneath them that allows for air to pass along the top of the building under the roof and escape. This, in conjunction with a ventilation system, reduces moisture and stagnate air.

Ventilation system

Proper ventilation prevents mold, fungus, and mildew from developing in attic and crawlspace areas.  The same conditions that contribute to mold also contribute to wood rot.

Soffits and vents work in conjunction with the ridge vents to help keep the air moving. The heat rises and is pulled out of the air vents.

Proper insulation combined with a strong ventilation system keeps the air in your attic, whether it be hot or cold, out of your home and reduces your heating and cooling costs.


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    Roof Ventilation

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